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Best Free Instagram Downloader for PC 2018

Instagram Downloader

Instagram was a Free Photo and Video Sharing Social networking Service launched in October 2010. Instagram focus only Mobile users and launched Apps for iOS and Android. Instagram does not allow an option to download the photos and videos you like. That’s why we need some best free Instagram Downloader.

There are few Photo and Video Downloaders available for Instagram. We have researched and List some of best free Instagram Downloader for PC, and some are available web-based. These tools will help us to download Insta pictures and videos.



1.[tooltip id=”1eb2a06425a8b723ccc664a8acf2f60c”] [/tooltip]4K Stogram

4K Stogram is an Instagram Viewer and Downloader for PC,macOS, and Linux. Download photos, videos and stories from your friends’ public and private Instagram accounts, backup your Instagram profile and import your list of Instagram subscriptions.

Most of Video Downloaders even Youtube Downloaders, We have to copy and paste to Video link to download. But 4K Stogram provides features like we can Find and Download the Videos by username, Hashtags or by Location.

We can Download Instagram whole user contents with a couple of clicks.[tooltip id=”1eb2a06425a8b723ccc664a8acf2f60c”] [/tooltip]4K Stogram has Paid version too, but it’s best free Instagram Downloader.


2.[tooltip id=”1eb2a06425a8b723ccc664a8acf2f60c”] [/tooltip]Save-o-gram

Save-o-gram Instagram Downloader helps us search and download photos of any Instagram user in Original format or a zip file. This Instagram Downloader application helps us view photos in a resizable grid or a full-size slideshow. With this application, we can search and select all photos or selected photos, and we can print them straightaway from the application. Save-o-gram is available only for Windows.


3.[tooltip id=”1eb2a06425a8b723ccc664a8acf2f60c”] [/tooltip]WinX YouTube Downloader

WinX Youtube Downloader helps us to download videos from Instagram, youtube and more than 300+ sites. We can download many videos at same simultaneously with good Download speed. We can download FIFA World Cup-related songs and videos for personal entertainment. It’s best free HD /[tooltip id=”1eb2a06425a8b723ccc664a8acf2f60c”] [/tooltip]4K Video Downloader without losing the quality of contents.

This Tool is safe from Anti-virus and Malwares. It won’t interfere with browsers or won’t install any extensions to browsers. We can choose Video Resolution like 4096×2160,[tooltip id=”1eb2a06425a8b723ccc664a8acf2f60c”] [/tooltip]3840×2160,[tooltip id=”1eb2a06425a8b723ccc664a8acf2f60c”] [/tooltip]1920×1080 or 1080×720 and Video Formats like FLV, WebM or MP4[tooltip id=”1eb2a06425a8b723ccc664a8acf2f60c”] [/tooltip].


Free Online Instagram Downloaders :


4.[tooltip id=”1eb2a06425a8b723ccc664a8acf2f60c”] [/tooltip]Vibbi Insta Port

Vibbi Instaport is a super simple, and a great way to get all of your photos out of Instagram should you so desire. It’s also an excellent way to back up your photos, even if you don’t plan on leaving Instagram any time soon. Instaport.me is a simple web service that grabs your entire archive of Instagram photos and downloads them to your computer in one handy .zip file. It has same features of Save-o-gram, but instaport is an online free Instagram downloader, so No need to install on our Computers.


5.[tooltip id=”1eb2a06425a8b723ccc664a8acf2f60c”] [/tooltip]Download Gram

DownloadGram is an Online Free Instagram Downloader tool. We have to copy and paste the Instagram url in the TextBox to download Images or Videos.

We can download images and videos one by one by copy and paste the link of content.

6.[tooltip id=”1eb2a06425a8b723ccc664a8acf2f60c”] [/tooltip]w3 Toys

w3 Toys is also an online Instagram video downloader tool. We have to copy and paste the Instagram video url on the TextBox on the website.

Click Go to Download the Instagram Video to your Device.

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