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BEST INTERNATIONAL SIM CARD | Unlimited Talk + Data | One SIM card, Worldwide Coverage!

When traveling around the world for business, you have already got numerous issues on your mind: when is your next meeting? How is your family back home? Are you planning to make your next flight on time?

With all these travel pains already whirling in your head, the final thing you must be focused on getting access to a working phone number in new country. That’s why BNESIM has created a single unique Virtual SIM card that’s good for business travelers.

Multiple international lines

When traveling for business, it’s necessary to remain up to date with all the hustle and bustle back home. However, several business leaders favor to keep their work and private life separate — especially on their phones. Typically, this suggests lugging around 2 or 3 cell phones, so you don’t mix up work and play.

With BNESIM, you’ll be able to keep it separate, whereas still carrying only one phone. BNESIM permits customers to possess as many phone numbers as they need. You’ll be able to opt for numbers from over 40+ countries. Whichever country your number is located in, you’ll receive free calls from that country. By taking advantage of multiple international numbers, business leaders will guarantee they never skip a beat.

No roaming charges

Roaming fees will quickly add up to be hundreds, typically thousands of bucks. These ridiculous fees happen after you use your phone outside of its typical range. It’s a beginner mistake, and a pricey one too.

With BNESIM, roaming fees are an issue of the past. We would like you to feel reception everywhere around the globe. By shift to BNESIM and avoiding roaming fees, you’ll save up to 95th on your next telephone bill.

Talk for free of charge

In business, the most effective word is “free.” creating international calls and texts is usually a pricey venture; but, with BNESIM you’ll talk over with different BNESIM users for free of charge. This is often an excellent tool for giant and little corporations with several traveling employees. By linguistic communication up to the entire workplace for BNESIM’s excellent service, employees will place unlimited free calls and SMS texts to each alternative from anywhere within the world.

It’s not with regards to the roaming charges alone, BNESIM has other advantages such as:

  • UNLIMITED FREE international calls and messages between BNESIM users + very reasonable rates for International calls to speak with anyone within the Globe.
  • You can claim your International roaming FREE number selecting from 80+ completely different countries.
  • It even has the most straightforward and least expensive arrange across the globe. You’ll be able to customize your plans consistent with your use.


Connect to the globe whenever and wherever you travel. We’ve got coverage in 170 countries with cost-efficient national plans and flat data valid in 88 Worldwide internet Home Countries without expiration.

Forget buying new SIM cards every single time when you will use one international SIM card for all of your travel! You can be able to browse the internet while you’re traveling with high-speed 4G data anywhere in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and America. Save up to 95% on calls and data while touring abroad. I always keep connected wherever you are.

Extra Phone Numbers

BNESIM offers multiple numbers from a single SIM mobile device. Are you conducting your business in additional than one country? You’ll have the native presence altogether those countries while not shopping for multiple phones and SIM cards. One device, several numbers.
Getting in a bit with you’ll now not be a haul. Your family, friends, clients, and colleagues will decision you anyplace you’re at national rates!

You can be able to choose and customize your BNESIM number only if the number that you want is still available. It’s easy for anyone to remember fancy numbers. It helps to get more leads for Business.


BNESIM proves to be the best travel companion.

• Absolutely No Roaming charges

• One SIM card for all the countries

• Coverage in 170+ countries with access to 88+ Worldwide Internet Home Countries

• UNLIMITED free international calls and messages between BNESIM users

• One International number from your favorite country to receive unlimited calls for free.

• Compatible with the multi-format (mini, nano micro) card.

• Avail the credit without expiration.

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